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Beijing intersection Focus: Chinese home appliance retail focused design weakness

2016/6/8 14:19:20 401

With the escalation of consumer demand, China's home appliance industry is also accelerating the adjustment of industrial organization, to keep the high-end forward, which is not only reflected in the product technology, and other aspects of the user experience in terms of innovative design has been heavily criticized in the past has also been significantly improved.

Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Ri Qianzai and Gang Gang concluded its fourth meeting that Beijing pay now increasingly focusing on design innovation, while many designers and enterprises docking platform is also emerging, domestic appliances is increasingly being designed to complement short board Qi.

Pay at the Fourth Beijing mentioned the development of the design industry once again triggered industry-wide concern. Nankai District, Tianjin Vice Mayor Luo Jinfei will be noted that the global economic integration and the gradual convergence of science and technology today, business investment in industrial design, the more profits tend to get greater development of the design industry is the core competitiveness of enterprises the key factor in the force.

Experts said the market along with traditional home appliances color TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. gradually saturated, home appliance industry has entered the stage of industrial transformation and upgrading, home appliance manufacturers in addition to high-end products, intelligent continuously push forward, but also increasingly focus on design innovation.

Recently, as the core of the transformation of Haier intelligent home Haier U + platform, jointly organized by the National Federation of the Haier U-home smart home nationwide design competition, we hope to competitions, bringing together a variety of strength and wisdom to form a polymerization home design services, intelligent Household products marketing the whole industry chain, to establish a community of smart home designers, design-driven, intelligent home iterative update in the interactive and user needs in the community.

Currently, the traditional home appliance industry is usher in a new change. The rise of smart home industry is Forced upgrading traditional industries. However, due to the traditional smart home designers and there is a huge designer merchandise, how to quickly help traditional decoration designers designer transition to smart home, smart home and traditional decoration combine to meet the needs of users, has become the Haier U + organizing the the core purpose of the contest.

Not just household appliances manufacturers, the main design platform for innovation are now emerging, as well as home appliances and services in the consumer electronics industry. On Monday, a new innovative design Conference and General Assembly officially opened planeswalker, founder Jia Wei Luo passenger platform, "he said Luo core customer is to create product innovation platform for product innovation and become more efficient, lower cost. Allow more design Teachers all over the world to do the design, designers around the world share planeswalker internet. "

Jia Wei also said that planeswalker the first round of the creators of the designer, the follow-up will be the introduction engineer creators hope that China's supply chain can open a new concept in product innovation planeswalker internet. It is understood that planeswalker 800 now integrated supply chain, co-design and development of new products, including consumer electronics industry, such as the three father, Elvis Presley and the like. In addition, the electric car Hummer, the United States and home appliances and many other products are also designed on this platform.

As one of the sponsors planeswalker projects, scientific and technological co-founder and vice president of millet Liwan Jiang in an interview with Beijing Daily Reporter interview, also said the future of millet does not rule out the possibility of cooperation with the planeswalker, such as the planeswalker innovative products and meters home crowdfunding combined to increase the smart home hardware layout.

Internet marketing experts pointed out that members of the Internet Society of China Hong Shibin, high-quality home appliances not only refers to technical features, as well as the overall design, collaborative design, has always been, which is lacking in most Chinese home appliance products, which is a long time, Japan and Korea appliance to control one of the main high-end appliance market.

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